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Summer flies
then light me up with memories on Merry-Go-Rounds, bicycle racing brother and cousins, skate nights and hopscotch afternoons kept cool by popsicles and snow cones. Sharing Bubblicious bubble gum, Lemonheads and Mary Janes at camp, Snapping green peas with Auntie Jean on her back porch, Collecting Cracker Jack and sucking on Now and Later with Nana,
Listening to Aunt Sue's stories,
Laughing at Uncle Ron's jokes and him calling me and cousins “Frogs
Eating pears and peaches from grandmother Roxie’s tree, slicing watermelons with smiles and picking berries until my palms stain red.

Saturday mornings, at the library with mother and brother, smelling through books.
Multi-color nails flipping through Word Up! Magazines,
popping Violin’s strings, writing words and stories to tell and sell one day, finding my crush’s hidden love letter,
before my first kiss.
Honeysuckle evenings, family cookouts, and a deflated heart after father was a no-show.
Sitting still and breathing in scenes of