Mr. Pittenger (for Congress)

Mr. Pittenger for Congress

I am not angry because I hate white people.
But I am angry.
I am angry at your blatant racism and
inexcusable comments about blacks.
I am angry that you found freedom in firing gay civilians.
I am angry because the land that was stolen---
my ancestors were enslaved,
raped, and whipped to death on.
While America welcomes you with open arms
and gift you sweet golden privileges
I, a black American,
walk with my brothers and sisters in fear---
trying to unravel the noose from around the neck of equality
and hide our black skin from the bullet wounds of injustice.
I am angry at the abuse, the exploitation
and the humiliation that my people still face
while marching and dying for civil rights.
I am angry at the segregation, the discrimination,
the racism and the hatred that 
breathes in the schools, neighborhoods, businesses,
and even in the system that elected you.
Yes, I am angry because
you hate black people more.



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