Black Bones + Poetry Between My Thighs + Lily of the Valley

Black Bones

I ain’t worried.
I ain’t afraid.
I ain’t skeptical.
Because I descend from black bones.
& milk did not make my body good.
I can only accredit my melanin for the progress. 

Poetry Between My Thighs

What’s that boom of consciousness in my hips?
As you finish with echoes on your lips.
What’s that unstressed syllable gushing against my limbs?
As you evoke then steepen my soul like a gospel’s hymn
What are those sounds of love dying to scream loose?
That got you dancing for diamonds in my house of oval……….

Lily of the Valley

There is nothing tiny about what I flower. 
I can’t excuse my Godly scents.
From my stem up, strands of robust!
And my roots are not jaded.
They are far from weary
as they hold ties to my heart---
a narrow ladder to heaven.
cover me from the globe of wicked.
Let them not mistake
my maturity for a stillborn
Or misplace it in a bouquet of poison.
Allow me to be the
centerpiece of peace.


Somewhere in America 


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