April is not only my favorite month of the year; it is my birthday month. And poetry just happens to be a womb of love in my life. What other month can flowers bloom and words bloom too? Ahhh…it’s such an amazing feel. You gotta love April! Right? Write!

I will be poeming a poem-a-day (PAD). Yes, again! Let me tell you---when I first started participating in the PAD challenge, I can admit, I was nervous and often thought, “What if I can’t find the words to fit the prompt?” But, somehow and someway, I would find words, arrange them and became more comfortable with my instant feelings from what I observed throughout the day.  So here we go! Day one….new words are on the way….. My goal from this challenge is to become more intimate and revealing. Stay tune and enjoy!

P.S. Thank you for reading.  And good luck to all other poets that plan to poem -a-day, perform and/or tour, this month and beyond. Remember: We are unique seeds alone, but when we bloom and arrange ourselves in a bundle, respectfully, poetry will always petal our delicate souls. As the April showers come, may every poetic word flower our souls and the world within and around us!.

Continue to inspire through your words….. 

See you in poem!



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