PAD Challenge 17: Black Swan

Day 17: Write a dance poem.

Black Swan

Time to raise the bar.
Point my shoes in faith.
Pull and tame the
curtains to the left, 
out of fear.
Balance the stage of America
for the welcoming of my
invisible wings of courage
and moonlight skin that
bare stars in its pores.

Let the symphony synchronize
with the thumps from my
chest as I classically walk
this life, rounded and strong.
With the world keeping me
on my tippy-toes,
let me turn piques on
this sphere of emptiness
without falling or
losing elegance while
spinning and splitting
from the history
of bondage
into leaping liberty
with grace in
my tulle of life.


Me being me. My big brother just happen to
catch me dancing. LOL


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