PAD Challenge Day 1: Yesterday

Day 1: Write a reminiscing poem.


You are yesterday.
A fading period 
where I declared
an exclamation point after
waking up tomorrow 
in love alone.

You are yesterday’s rain.
pissy cool water---
too pissy to baptize  souls,
too cool to father street drains
and too cold to soak wildflowers
that you attempt to wet down.

You are yesterday’s trash---
a black hefty bag,
full of  troubles,
lying love letters and
insufficient bank notes,
breaking news,
crumbing woes,
and balled up misfortunes
in a weak-plastic soul
with a permanent shit
scent, stain, and sense.

You are yesterday’s sad song.
A useless Billboard hit
of 808s and heartbeats-
cursed, written and sung ghostly
without a valid truth in rhyme
and rhythm for healing souls.

You are yesterday’s waste of time;
Twenty four hours of a
mourning day and night of
expiration without inspiration,
that reminds my happy
that it can't turn back.



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