PAD Challenge Day 10: Trip to Heaven

Day 10: Write a travel poem.

Trip to Heaven

In the city of Fayetteville,
bright and early
While you were on your trip to heaven,
I picked up the family breakfast.
Before I returned to Nana’s house,
I circled Cumberland Road
And stared at the cleaned hearse
at Wiseman’s Mortuary, that was
backed-in to carry you to the church
for your homecoming celebration.
I circled Cumberland one more time.
Before I could greet the railroad tracks,
I cried.
I cried because I’ll never get a
chance to hug you once more.
Kiss your cheek again.
Invite you to help momma and me
pick out my wedding dress.
I’ll never get mother-like
or auntie advice from you.  
I’ll never see you again,
until my own trip to heaven.

Back at nana’s house,
I circled myself around the house
until I could find strength to slip
on my dress and decorate
my hair with a flower for you.
I imagined you’d loving my dress
as you sing my name, then say,
You look good girlAnd the food 
prepared for the repass
was good but you know 
my cooking taste better.”


This time, it is you we planted.
This time, it was you placed,
front and centered at
John Wesley’s United Methodist Church,
in an ivory casket with
golden crosses engraved at each corner
This time it was you,
a choir was singing for,
family was crying over,
classmates and friends were
speaking about your good doings
and caring ways.
This time, it was you auntie,
trading in your earth wings
for your heavenly ones.
This time it was you,
saying goodbye silently and
peacefully without being in pain,
while we feel the hole in our hearts,
grow wider and deeper,
the one in the ground,
beside your sister and mother,
became filled.

R.I.P Aunt Jean. March 02, 1948 - April 05, 2017



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