PAD Challenge Day 12: "Guilt Trip" and "Guilty Pleasures"

Day 12: Write a guilty poem.

Guilt Trip

For the first sixty-seven days,
of knowing you,
I birthed comfort in your words.
I believed in your soul.
I craved your faith.
I dreamed of evermore.

For the next six hundred
and sixty three days,
there were endeavors
and a consent to reinvent love
the way we thought it should be:
peaceful lips without broken tongues
and incalculable affairs.

Beyond reasonable doubt,
in the suit of loving me,
you proved that your
moment of false-heartedness
was not made to ride or die for.

Guilty Pleasures

I want you like how I want you.
I need you like the rainbow's hues in touch for gold.
I need you like how love needs itself. 
I need you like vitamins essential to health.
I need you like how lovers need love to not fade.
I need you like how a summer’s day need shade.
I need you like how my mind needs my body, heart, and soul.
I need you like the nutrients from my grandmother’s casserole.
I need you like how my lungs breathe air.
I need you in the times of hope and in despair
I need you like the stars of the night and the sun of the day.
I need you like the stairway to heaven’s gateway.
I need you like flowers need rain.
I need you like how joy alleviates pain.
I need you like how children need parental.
I need you like lyrics dancing in the atmosphere of  instrumentals.
I need you like hearts in need of beats.
I need your eyes when mine are weak.
I need you like a daily scripture
Because without you, I can’t paint a picture.



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