PAD Challenge Day 15: Once in a Blue Moon

Day 15: Write a “one time” poem.

Once in a Blue Moon

Can we: 

cease the propaganda,
abort mental slavery,
act like humans and
redefine humanity,
end the war on religion
terrorism, sexism, and racism,
end black on black crimes,
discontinue reality
shows to show reality,
stop selling sex,
stop powdering noses
and injecting veins to kill pain,
put down the guns
to raise our fist to resist,
not cook crack in
crockpots and call it a come up--
when its really a set-up,
stop mothering and fathering
children just to abandon them,
keep the babies in school,
stop getting high and turning up
with the babies and thinking its cool,
save the babies from
being violated and abused,
mute the radio of nonsense
for words of substance,
interrupt false news for
nothing but the whole truth,
and use social media without
a hash tag and name for justice?

For once in a blue moon,
can we stop the world?
Can we shake it up, 
to wake it up
or is it too soon?



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