PAD Challenge Day 16: Systems of all Systems

Day 16: Take the phrase “(blank) System, replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem.

Systems of All Systems

The whole world is a system
within a system that I try to
mute with a Bose system.
Over those beats that wave my soul,
I use my bones to message the world
with symbols of imagery and
tatted true colors against what should
be added to, subtracted from,
multiplied or divided by,
according to the spins of God’s creation.

When I walk the streets of this world,
my nervous system boils.
Not everybody like a black woman—
a strong, confidence black woman.
Not everybody believes in feminism.
Not everybody believes black lives matter.
Not everybody believes you can afford
an item in a store, so they follow you
with that plastic smile and fake hello.
Not everybody believes justice is for all.
Not everybody believes racism is still alive.
Not everybody can feel the love,
but can reference the hate.

But, I keep reproducing,
from cell to cell,
and circulating, 
from lymph nodes
to heart: LOVE.

I keep my mind conscious,
my lips concealed from evil
to avoid digesting or
becoming full of bullshit.

I keep breathing in motivation and
the possibility of peace keeping;
even with feeling like,
we the people,
should take leaks on
these school systems,
corporate systems,
and government systems.

Or, are we the people,
going to keep letting the bigotry
crawl under our integument?
Or, are we the people going
to tune into our senses?
Or, are we the people,
going to become immune
to our own blood, sweat, and tears?

Women's March On Washington by Danielle C. Robinson
Women's March On Washington by Danielle C. Robinson

Women's March On Washington by Danielle C. Robinson


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