PAD Challenge Day 18: "Circa 1986 and Beyond" and "before i die"

Day 18: Two prompts for Twosday: Prompt 1: Write a life poem. Prompt 2: Write a death poem.

Circa 1986 and Beyond

Thirty-one years is a long time to:
be born and reborn again,
be alive,
see miracles fly
around and within,
see a lover love and leave,
see a hater cheat and deceive,
fall on knees in misery just
to rise through prayer,
be captive in dreams,
while surviving a chain of nightmares,
break apart the make-believe just
to match-up with reality,
separate self from the common
for a more perfect union in self,
color in my soul with
little pieces of heaven’s hues,
sing a little less blue
and dance a little more yellow,
smile in the windows of my tears,
outcry the elevation of my pain,
pause my life’s lyrics just
to perform against the beat of my heart,
forgive as I’ve been forgiven,
forget what needs to be forgotten,
give up insecurities
just to bud from courage,
try and try again,
win and lose,
lose then win,
wait for love and
to want for love
while in the need of love again,
get lost in self just
to be found by God,
shout out fears over silent nights,
be wrong just to learn right,
be right to feel valid,
and write to be remembered,
until my life is known
for what and who
I’m truly am.

before i die

i love living my life,
free of illness and off a natural high

i love hopping on and off planes to see
God’s greatest creations
and checking off my bucket list

after a love one passes
or a short fail in life,
i can’t stay low too long
it can be so bittersweet
depression only offers the
soul sour, couch potato moments
and high blood pressure

prayer and laughter makes its sweeter
they remind me the purpose of the day
and that life is can be short

i don’t wanna wake up to pop
Prozac and Zoloft just to fake happy

i don’t wanna use Xanax and
Jack Daniels to tuck me in at night

i don’t wanna lay my head from bed to bed
celibacy is healing, a more powerful way to live
than dying from three letter words

this is not how i want to be remembered
this will not be the death of me
thy shall not die in vain

and late in the midnight hour,
with God turning things around
i will never lose sleep over
heartbreakers, evildoers,
and wolves in sheep clothing
i rather wait for a deserving love
to share my life and create life with

i rather hustle every bone,
every lyric, day in and day out ,
until my dreams come true
before i die



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