PAD Challenge Day 20: Out of Bed

Day 20: Write a task poem.

Out of Bed

I gotta do a lot of things today.
I gotta a lot of things cartwheeling
and jump roping through my mind.
I gotta bend to pray and jump for joy while
watching the sun peek through the clouds
as I lift my window to listen to the birds sing me a song,
and the wind walk against my bronze skin.
I gotta wash my face. Brush my teeth.
I gotta warm the kettle.
Cut the lemon.
Stir the raw berry honey.
Scoop it twice into my vanilla chamomile tea.
I gotta spread brown sugar cream cheese on my  grain bagel.
Make my strawberries and bananas fruit cup.
I gotta log on to see today’s poetry prompt.
I gotta check the morning news.
I gotta find words of inspiration
after hearing the world's morning blues.
I gotta shower, get dress, and redo my halo twist.
I gotta seal my skin with cocoa butter and matte my soft lips.
I gotta blow me a kiss. Hell, I may even take a selfie.
I gotta grab my flash drive.
I gotta grab my agenda and check my Google Calendar.
I gotta grab my umbrella just in case it rain.
I gotta warm my car while listening to Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN album.
And DAMNmit, it’s the Album of the Year.
I gotta get gas on the way to the research lab.
I gotta check email, respond, and take calls.
I gotta walk from building to building,
and down some more halls.
I gotta meet this person and that person.
I gotta pay my water bill and phone bill.
I gotta research some scholar literature.
I gotta write some scholar literature.
I gotta write the poem for the day.
I gotta text my parents and respond back to
some friends--- just to see if they are ok.
I gotta update two manuscripts.
I gotta grab lunch along the way.
I gotta check the afternoon news.
I gotta find more inspiration 
after hearing more of the world's blues.
I gotta do more work, work, work.
I gotta exercise too.
I gotta write more for a project
before I can really relax tonight.
I gotta get keep smiling and improving.
But first, let me get out of bed
and get right!

Taking one day to
Accomplish anything by 
Staying focus &
Keeping positive.


From my bed...LOL :-)


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