PAD Challenge Day 21: Pencil 2 Pen

Day 21: Pick an object (any object), make it the title of your poem, and then write your poem. 

Pencil 2 Pen

I use to love a No. 2—
until it became a pain in
the butt to keep sharpen.
So, I dumped it for
a mechanical one.
Oh, the sound of the click
and it's smooth tip---  
was always my BIC (Best Interest in Creating):
fiction and non-fiction,
rhymes and stowing rhythm
with imagery in between stanzas,
lyrics over musical notes,
stick figures with callout bubbles
above their heads,
whole, solid hearts between my name
and my lover’s with “4 Ever” at the end,
plots and blocks for goals
and sketches of dreams
with asterisks
beside the ones I achieved.

Then, Crayola’s rainbow caught my eye.
I could color pencil in my personality,
abstract my similes and metaphors and
shade my world of black and white
into a kaleidoscope with symbols
of love, peace, and smiley emojis.
But none of them last longer
than a Brooks Brothers or a Pilot G,
my true Paper Mates,
my write or die,
until inks do us apart.
Lines after lines,
from pad to pad,
even through college rules
and plain sheets,
we stayed gelled down to tell
how I felt with ultra, fine points.



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