PAD Challenge Day 24: Child of God

Day 24: Write a faith poem.

Child of God

I never get tired of leaping,
even after being bruised
while trying to capture the fruit.

If I do,
I just lean on my rock,
my fortress, 
my deliverer.

For I’ve seen his works;
I am his works.

Through all things,
I rest my heart in Psalms and Proverbs.

Without sight,
I order my steps and walk by faith.

With prayer,
I isolate myself from fear because I know:

Ain’t no limb I can’t balance on.
Aint no mountain I can’t shift.
Ain’t no cloud I can’t face for God
to shine his son and sun through.
Ain’t no darkness that can keep
the light from glowing inside me.
Ain’t no lip service I can’t ignore.
Ain’t no lie I can’t bring the truth to.
Ain’t no enemy I can’t make a foot stool.
Ain’t nothing I can’t conquer,
as long as I stay a child of God.


"Take up your cross and follow me"-Jesus


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