PAD Challenge Day 25: "There, That's Love!" & Nah, That's Not Love!"

Day 25: Two prompts for Twosday: Prompt 1: Write a love poem. Prompt 2: Write an anti-love poem.

There, That’s Love!

That’s how hipped love is-
it’ll have you beat-boxing,
turning tables, battling rookies,
and legends from East to West,
Breakdancing your hips,
Free-styling black and proud
for the love of being black
in between gangster
slangs, cool ad-libs remixed
with conscious spoken
words over hardcore beats
to pumped fists in the air.

That’s what love does-
it’ll rock and roll you
into a new hall of fame.
Electrify your limbs,
make you twist and shout,
Rapunzel your hair,
have you standing in chairs
dancing on bars at bars with
bare skin and peace signs in the air.

That’s how love praise you-
it’ll have your souls humming
negro spirituals, chanting glory
and hallelujahs back to back,
whistling hymns, quoting scriptures
left to right by heart,
waking up bodily organs
with organs and tambourines,
holy dancing shackles off feet,
clapping and stomping away voodoo,
shouting “in the name of Jesus”
and “Oh, God”.

That’s how love goes-
it’ll give you rhythm and blues,
funk, and all that jazz.
It’ll have you scatting freely over blues
with smooth bass in your hearts
under the wings of angels’ horns
blown over the black and white keys of life.
It’ll have your soul be-bopping,
hive-jiving, boogie-wooging,
jitter-bugging and two-stepping
at the same damn time,
until the music runs out
of breath from making love.

Nah, That’s Not Love!

Calling my sisters b____,
and my brothers n_____,
Neglecting and misleading the youth,
Manipulating love,
Cheating love and self,
Lying to a love and self,
Abusing a love and self,
Sex trafficking humans and self,  
Barricading cultures, misrepresenting culture,
Insulting one’s belief and practice,
Stereotyping, Gossiping, Bribing,
Tipping the scales and letting the well run dry,
Repressing, Depressing, and stressing,
Shouting, “You’ll never amount to anything
Saying, “He/she was asking for it.”
Assassinating, pleading insanity,
Not resisting, not fighting, not staying woke,
Not listening to understand,
Not understanding to be aware,
Being sometimes this, being sometimes that,
Wanting when only needing,
Needing when only wanting,
Anything weak, anything not meek.


1 Corinthians 13

"Handle love with care."- Danielle C. Robinson


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