PAD Challenge Day 26: a fading love

Day 26: Write a regret poem.

a fading love

i can’t undo anything
i can’t make that cool night
a warm one
without a row of tears
walks in circles with a
resuscitating spoiled heart

i can’t erase
your selfish handprints
from my soul
your one in a million kisses
from my flesh
your singing I love yous  
the sacrifices
the yes where the no should
have been in the beginning

oh, old love
we did not kill time
it was not wasted time baby
you were a good teacher

I, your student learned to write
in memory of our love making
candid fires and
quarrels of deception

the sweetest goodbye kiss-
I stole while you were
dreaming about her

before you wrote my name
off to worship hers
you told me i delivered you peace
peace you never signed off for

i’m glad i no longer cosign for you
knowing that you
now wonder and wander
in your own list of regrets


If you keep looking back at mistakes and regrets,
you are allowing them to hunt you forever. - Danielle C. Robinson


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