PAD Challenge Day 27: Dawn and Dusk

Day 27: Use at least 3 of the following 6 words in your poem (using a word or two in your title is fine). For extra credit, try using all 6:

  • Pest
  • Crack
  • Ramble
  • Hiccup
  • Wince
  • Festoon

Dawn and Dusk

Looking at the sunrise,
without a wince or two,
I ignored the pest in the media.
I dressed my loose hair with a festoon
of sunflowers and baby’s breath,
and wrapped my skin with a coral
and turquoise maxi sundress.

Looking at the sunset,
it was time for you to authorize
yourself to rescue my hips that
played hiccups over your fine tunes,
for us to crack jokes
on each other and ramble through
our literature about the
world and our imperfect lives.


 With every ray that you can, fill your life abundantly with sun. -Danielle C. Robinson


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