PAD Challenge Day 28: Bleu de Chanel & Lancome’s Miracle

Day 28: Write a poem about a smell.

 Bleu de Chanel & Lancome’s Miracle

no scents to be
scented free without you.
I love when you drown your wood into my heavenly
bouquet of amber notes, freesia, and magnolia waves.
With your sweet aromatic ways, you awake my floral
arrangement to a full bloom. Together we rise without a
smog for each another. Then we float, like clouds on cloud
nine with loose rhythms; tracing the atmosphere with the
best scented notes known by heart. From pore to pore,
we engross excessively in the mist of love and irresistible
poison. Every time we dispense ourselves, our skin savors
these magical moments until our lips scream Oohh La La in
between whiffs that we dreamed could last forever and a day.


"It makes no scents to be scented free
without you."- Danielle C. Robinson


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