PAD Challenge Day 3: The Contractions of Love

Day 3: Take the phrase “(blank) of love”, replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem.

The Contractions of Love

With my head high,
I found out I was late
On a cozy, sky blue day,
I was missing a period in my life.
Feeling fatigue and throwing up
pieces of myself,
I tested myself again.
This time around,
I was positive that love,
in the depth of my motherhood,
would be a sweet,
flower child of mine.

In the reflection
of my skin,
I witnessed my own
mood swings,
chased my own breaths
in between
the thoughts of another
heartburn and sleepless
nights of whispered
prayers over
reruns of love’s ultra sounds.

This time again,
For sure,
I was positive that love
implanted itself inside of me.
I glowed like the sun and
my ankles swelled with crocodile tears
As my heart’s head dropped,
I thirsted and craved
every sweet and bitter
letter of love---
each new part metamorphosis

like butterflies--
expanding my hips,
strengthening my back,
and filling my breast with pride,
while carving lines of beauty
on my bronze skin to say,
“I will stay with you
through a lifetime
of scars, extra pounds,
and the discoloration of life
until you deliver me
this time.”

Just push through...

Tampa, Florida (Bayshore Area)


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