PAD Challenge Day 30: "The Renewal" and " The Poem for Tomorrow"

Day 30: Take the phrase “The (blank)”, replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write your poem.

The Renewal

My delicate fingers
added selfish jewels to my crown.
My eyes held onto the sight of hidden glory.
My nose sniffed a new rose of desire.
My lips grew chap just to peel the taste of yours away.
I let my hair kiss my shoulders without my neck turning
back the hands of time for a quickie in “you”, “us”, and “we”.
I kidnapped my heart---
Tortured her boiling blood and tricked
her half of lifetime beats to live louder in love for me.
My breast bounced free and scored rebounds
from the lace that carry their black beauty.
I arched my back with pleasure for pride
and power, to ride my curves like a knight.
I loaned my hands a ride to live free from my waist
to my hips before they skinny dipped in the river
between my mountain thighs.
I let my legs shake loose of your demons
for my own angels to rest on my God’s forgiven skin.

The Poem for Tomorrow

it’ll stumble out of my mind
trip over its own analogies
search in me while i see through 
the colors behind every lyrical meaning
they may stick like glue to my tongue
just for me to whisper them
the paper, their second home,
may have enough room for confusion
and unrecognizable scribbles 
of thoughtful thoughts that
may get crumbled, tossed out
just for my heart to find more words
that I’ve should have said before

DEAR POETS, Never stop poeming!
Farewell Poem-a-Day (PAD) :-)


  1. خدمات و پشتیبانی شبکه ، تعمیرات کامپیوتر در محل
    نصب و راه اندازی شبکه ، خدمات مجازی سازی سرور ها و کلاینت ها ، خدمات سیسکو و میکروتیک
    تضمین برقراری ارتباط شبکه شما در هر ساعت از شبانه روز
    برای مشاوره رایگان با ما تماس بگیرید


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