PAD Challenge Day 6: Over Your Own Beats

Day 6: Write poem about a sound.

Over Your Own Beats

Over your own beats,
I want to mic check you-
Out rap your battles—
click clack,
push your heart back:
make it thump one time,
thump two times.
Clap back at your spoken
and unspoken words.
Let all my onomatopoeias
murder your subliminal messages,
note after note,
Without humming them subliminally
or sending the woop-woop
to save you from your “lost boy” cry.

I want to snap you out of
your classically rhythm and blues,
Jingle poetry off my tongue
onto yours and splash you stanzas,
from the click between my thighs.
I want to doo-wop that thang with you.
Like BOOM! Ta-da!
Pop up and double blare you
to toot my horn as
I scratch words without a pen.

Rock and roll your world as
I pluck you until you plunk me punk
Or until you discover your acoustic soul---
I want to add ad-libs until you realize,
your beats ain’t oomph
without my jazzy ass. 

Music is a sound that can truly save and free souls. --Danielle C. Robinson


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