PAD Challenge Day 7: Revelation of Self

Day 7: Write a discovery poem.

Revelation of Self

From the crown of my head,
Intelligence rained on me.
In preparation of full bloom,
I age with consciousness, infinitely.

From the sight of my eyes,
I let the mission of my dreams
lose sight of my nightmares
as I constantly stare at wisdom,
to blink without fear.   

From the sound of my voice,
I slowly silent doubt,
profess brittle words from shy lips
as I inhale faith to exhale comfort to
introduce self confidence.

From the bottom of my heart,
the beat of love
rescued me from dolor.
This rhythm furnished
love for others
as I profited from and
hoarded it for myself too.

From the palm of my hands,
I wrote missions with pride
and drew in the true colors
of my vision to unwrap
deception and shove
mountains into corners.

From the soles of my feet,
I paved courage
in the light of passion.
I sashay difference
as my trend to remain free
in mind, body, and soul.

Every Beautiful Moment on April 7 with Self


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