PAD Challenge Day 9: So What

Day 9: Take the phrase " So (blank)" , replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of the poem.

So What

So what
we live then we die

So what
is this enough pain for our love ones?

So what,
heaven wins again and we lose?

So what
we pray that we had more time
while we drown our faces in the
sea of our hands that
can't wash away the current.

So what
Our family is broken..
No glue can mend these cracks of sorrow
No sun can melt these hearts of stones.

So what
Your will, traditions, recipes
and heirlooms are handed-down
and disguised as medicinal to the soul.

So what
I really want to break into the mortuary,
steal my blood back,
and beg God to resurrect your soul again.

So what
You are without pain,
can see the light, and
dance free with all God's angels.

So what
You can't tell us how your departure
was, but can see every move we make
and read our conscious minds and hearts.

So what
You know how much we miss you
but can't tell us
how much you miss us too.


R.I.P Aunt Jean. March 02, 1948 - April 05, 2017


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