PAD Challenged Day 11: "A Sonnet for Spring" and "Anti"

Day 11: Two prompts for Tuesday. Write a sonnet poem. And/or writ an anti- form poem.

A Sonnet for Spring

Everything is abloom, even new love.
The sky is soft blue; God’s green is verdant;
Blue jays rehearse their morning songs above,
while the wind whistles and blend concordant.

Vernal flowers bud and arrange in beds,
as flies fly, bees sneak pollen for their hive;
Butterflies escape their cocoon by sheds
and streams stream lukewarm in ripples times five.

The sun parched April’s showers with delight---
For bike rides, picnics, and flying of kites;
Before night’s chill by the kiss of moonlight,
where lovers share sweet nothings, site by site.

This is springtime flourishing bright ahead,
with God’s son in mind, whom risen from the dead.


Truth is,
As a poet
I’m not against
any form of poetry.
They all define the art of freedom
somewhere in between those
black words of rhyme and rhythm.

And I don’t even dislike any poets.
Because they are just like me,
Trying to say what they want to say
without being misunderstood
or penalized for being self.

I only try to oppose
the butterflies in my abdomen,
the heat of my nerves
and the breaking of  my voice
while poeming about
what needs to be poemed.



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