PAD Challenge Day 1: Black Love Exhibition

PAD Challenge Day 1: Write a secret poem. 

Black Love Exhibition

I want to drop the back drop,
come from behind the curtains,
let the world see my fingers
dance in the rhythms of Africa
in your hair while my lips play
kiss and tell with your flesh-
wire black kisses in the
name of black nations on your skin,
for you to show and tell the world,
“Black Queen was here”,
loving King confidently,
without confidentiality.

Because, black love
is not worth being top secret.
The soul of it is not equipped
for passcodes or passwords.
The heart of it can breathe
without international morse codes
equestrianing unknowns into
a million blank spaces of the universe.

This black love is fulfilling,
where feelings cannot
withhold identities
or paint encryptions
in a problematic world where
dying is perceived to be the
only fill in the blank for a black
without an answer key.

It is language,
our central intelligence,
where our skin deciphers
the inheritance of beautiful struggles,
water fountains of forgiveness,
and bottomless peace offerings
exhibited through the art of
our very own insecurities.



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