PAD Challenge Day 11: LOVE: Enter at Your Own Risk

PAD Challenge Day 11: Write a warning poem.

LOVE: Enter at Your Own Risk

What is going on with you, love?
Haven’t our hearts had enough
handle with care moments?
How many loves are tired of
fake love ones, full of b.s.,
messing up love over and over again
like we ain’t CAUTION enough to know
phony love is really slippery when wet
and cold hearts are strong to ice
bridges before the next
Dangerous routes,
of multiple causal
affairs that lead to causalities
with no terms of endearment,
little bits of monogamies,
and no limbic resonance experiments.
No emotional intimacy before
the familiarity of erogenous zones,
just weak ass associate and friend zones.
Hearts heartless and knowledge less
of filial piety for society
but has restricted heartbeats for
empathy and sympathy
towards familial love,
parental love,
marital love,
spiritual love,
brotherly love,
and sisterly love.
STOP it!
Think twice and look both ways
before crossing another heartway.
Real love is almost an extinction;
like a biohazard to mankind,
camouflaged as a deadly poison;
when really, it’s food, a drink
we should all drink responsibly
until we get a high voltage
of  love's love jones.

D'Elegant One


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