PAD Challenge Day 14: Minority Report: The State of a Black Woman in America

PAD Challenge Day 14: Write a report poem.

Minority Report: The State of a Black Woman in America

We are now live in 2018.
Still a danger to society
Tightly coiled or sometime
loose like the roots of our hair
Never or almost are we straight
Because we are still the most
degraded, underrated, and
underpaid women of color
Sometimes unsure of which women
hates us the most, the one with
thin lips or full ones like ours
But we are not discouraged
or afraid of side eyes or petty, jealous ways.
Because we are aware of how far we’ve come.
Far from the soil that queened us
to injustice lands that only want to
see us on display like Sarah Baartman.
Just so they can grab us by the pussy
or mistake us for being a pussy
But we are not.
We are still wearing our crowns
through all women's suffrage
That we collected at birth,
generating black lives
matter movements,
Collecting bachelors, master’s,
PhDs, M.D.'s and J.D.'S
Owning our powerful legacy
while trying to disown the bags
of sorrow offered by America.
1,532,494 of us own our own businesses 
We are heading households by 30%.
We are breadwinners that introduce our
tables to full course meals and then some
We are homeowners.
We are lenders.
We are humanitarians.
We are philanthropists.
We are educators,
teaching others
how blacks should really be seen.
64% of us are white collars
28% of us have a FICO score
of 720 and higher
We carry keys to cites
Hold offices
Wear medals of honors
We are nominees or winners of
Nobel Prizes, Emmys, Grammys,
Oscars, Billboards,
National Book Awards and more.
Side by side,
Face to face
Skin to skin,
Known and unknown,
We still queening
And it's so amazing to be one more
Black queen contributing
black excellence for another black sister
to be inspired by this black girl magic.



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