PAD Challenge Day 18: dark chocolate

PAD Challenge Day 18: Write a temptation poem.

dark chocolate

My sweet tooth never had
your kind of chocolate before.
Boy, I got an urge now.
I mean every time you swivel
your decadence around
my cherry blossom;
my lows vanish;
you become my
personal cocoa sun;
my aphrodisiac,
my favorite brain food;
grounded and roasted
along my Godiva caramel.

One nibble at a time,
stimulating a sufficient
supply of vitamin D,
mellowing my mood,
peacefully calming my nerves,
regulating my blood pressure,
curving my cravings
and my curves,
soothing my soul,
boasting my energy,
while curing my blues
with every gram of
your sugarcane
until my fruit is
delicately saturated
by your temporary
sugar rush.



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