PAD Challenge Day 19: needle & thread

PAD Challenge Day 19: Take the phrase “(blank) Thread”, replace with a word or phrase; make the new phrase the title of your poem.

needle & thread

In the beginning,
you were a man of steel,
a heart of platinum.

I was your fine silk-
strongly cultivated,
happily, looped freely
around you.

Together, we sewed
sweet embroideries
of denoted love.

We boldly exchanged
solid sense of
freedom for intimacy.

we quilted our melanin
with Kente, danced African
rituals through black, red
and green areas-

until you became bent,
and it was hard-to-see
eye-to-eye through the
complicated loops
we tangled and weaved.

my doubled strands
became insufficient
and cut ties to spin self
back whole from you.




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