PAD Challenge Day 21: Through Hail and Back

PAD Challenge Day 21: Write a danger poem.

Through Hail and Back

When you look at me,
your eyes are always in wonderland-
wondering how I Mayweathered
my last love storm too. I’ll tell you-
it wasn’t easy having my joy dumped
into a mudslide that created
muddy, sorrowful rivers on the left
and right-side of the bridge of my nose.
Where my water waded and waded and
waded on my skin until they returned to
still waters that only ran deep to 
repair my cells, tissues, and organs.


I ain’t shipwrecked no more.
I ain’t high and dry no more.
I ain’t broken no more. And love
for self never went into drought.
Nor did my lights ever go out.
With all the power within me,
I stayed equipped to flash
all this "little light of mine".

I mean, I sat through those gray skies
and studied those gathering storm clouds.
I watched the changing faces of his rain
drops and everything.
They didn’t sound right or look right
after escalading down the left and
right-side of the bridge of his nose.


I forgave that tornado for rotating
and rotating then twisting my beloved heart anyway.
I forgave that cyclone for polluting my
ears with dangerous lies from within 
his own serial wounded winds.
I forgave that typhoon for trying to flood
all the pieces of love left in the keepsake of me.
I forgave that blizzard for sleeting
on my bones, numbing my blood,
then black icing and frost biting my skin.  


Good God almighty,
our Father knows how to S.O.S (save our souls)!

---don't he?----won't he do it?---


All of those clouds are dancing behind my sun.
And I ain’t got no more rainy days.
And I ain’t got no more stranded days.
And I ain’t gotta seek shelter for my heart no mo'.
Because all I got is a new rainbow
and a bright, beautiful smile full of rays
that is willing to shine through you to simply say,
 It's not so dangerous to fall in love again.”

D'Elegant One 


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