PAD Challenge Day 23: Buenos Aires: Lleva al Tango

PAD Challenge Day 23: Write an action poem.

Buenos Aires: Lleva al Tango

Si senor!
Let your Chesnutt 
skin meet my bronze
Let’s kept this thang 
upright with each other
Dance this dance of sorrow 
with romance sweating from the pores of our hearts
Dance the drama out of the motionless characters on our lips
Dance the dirty, dying sex living within our hips
Take me as I take you
Confiscate these unsung passions 
boiling underneath my porcelain skin
Let no space breathe between
our evaporating bodies
Assume your position
Move forward to 
obstruct me,
bend my back
erupt me
obtuse then acute me,
Twirl the desires hidden in my hair
Thrust me new pathways
to follow as my leg rub against your leg
Slow, slow, quick-quick, slow
Gathering t-a-n-g-o as we go
Making it harder for you 
to turn me loose
before you set 
yourself free



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