PAD Challenge Day 24: You Love Black but You Hate Blacks, and Semi-Formal

Two-for Tuesday

PAD Challenge Day 24: Write a roundelay poem. And/or anti-form poem.

You Love Black but You Hate Blacks

they love the blackness of nightly skies
along with it shining stars and moonlights
drinking black beans in black ties
black little dresses and black skin tights
accessing black code laws to maximize
black nightmares for all dark shades in sight


They’ll hug coal for diamond revenue
They’ll soothe a black oyster for a pearl over a black girl
They’ll harass you when you walk through their white avenue
They’ll black ball, brown nose, and lip curl
They’ll break your black skin blue
They’ll sleep on black sheets, not even toss or twirl.


Love to shade black
Love to control black like a disease
Love to flip black jack
Love to play on black keys
Love to laugh at black on black
Love to kill black to black with ease


It’s true; some of you do.
Hate, hate, hate, and more hate
With no evidence of why for the voodoo
Will society ever get this race thing straight?
For the love of God, black is human too;
not a just a symbol or a hue.


Regalia and I
are ready for the
pomp and circumstance.
We are silky,
black velvet
to sway with swag
for the very last
first time of a lifetime.

D'Elegant One


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