PAD Challenge Day 3: Race Traffic (Stop Light) and Unstoppable

PAD Challenge Day 3: Write a stop poem. And/or write a don’t stop.
Race Traffic (Stop Light)


we don't own the light switch to ignorance
we don't have time to sit and wait
for change to keep daydreaming
there are no more underground railroads to cross
there is no running like twelve years a slave
when we got sensors to fight 
dimmed dummy lights 
with our bright flashing lights
and the water we wash our faces with
ain't really clear enough to knock out our power 
it's still more thinner than blood
black lives that matter ain't no joke
but who is still jaywalking hilariously with Jim Crow
who is still laughing 
at those stopped and frisked,
or those driving while black, 
who is still sniping bodies,
without signals or warnings
black deaths ain't no game
but it's their call of duty
it's their hunger games
where they swallow the red for free, 
proceed with green, cleaned hands,
and collect proceeds
with no consciousness 
to the light of caution


my dreams never break
they keep coming in
and coming in like
melodies from heaven
high-speed, low-speed
swerving my soul
tailgating my institution
joyriding the bumper of
my psychedelic fantasies


Photo taken in Houston, TX


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