PAD Challenge Day 30: P.M. (Poem Meridiem)

PAD Challenge Day 30: Write a closing time poem.

P.M. (Poem Meridiem)

there is no final hour
no shortage of pages
there is no closure
for black lyrics and I
this is a lifetime
“Con Te Partiro"
with no whispering orchestra
no choir mothering and fathering harmony
no distance intervals waiting for
the arrival of a fat lady to sing
these verses come from the
crevices of black bloody bones
dismantling ungifted cycles
these are gospel hymns that’ll
never meet the top ten
these are answered prayers
rejoicing total praise
with warm finger snaps,
rounds of applause
for the truth written boldly
without a dare,
a screeching glory,
an uncertain Amen or
a mumbling hallelujah
these are side-by-side alphabet lovers
walking page to page by faith
these are syllables of grace
taking the wheel of change
to resurrect a discounted soul
with no byline or necessary accolade in mind
just pure joy riding shot gun
through every beat per minute
carefully around all life’s
mountains and low-key valleys
where the opened ink soul is
forever young and restless
and imbedded in the gratitude
of the sun and son
constantly shining through
the actions of growing wild
in wise and courageous
in conscious and free



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