PAD Challenge Day 4: Case of the XY.....Z

PAD Challenged Day 4: Take the phrase “Case (blank)”, replace the blank with a word or phrase.

Case of the XY….Z

Will I allow a boy to just be a boy that-
Evolves into a man that pulls silly rabbits out of snapbacks
Call himself a rolling stone whenever he leaves his hat in another’s home
Where he stays tricking and treating for free
Slithering in and out of others’ wet grasslands and holes
Only possessing disappearing acts and loves to play Jack in the Box
Quick to co-sign a stick up then be in the closet
Pinocchioing with a black heart and no ambition
Too secure with being insecure
Only leave silent goodbyes
No sweet nothings or forget-me-nots
Breaks all communication and resolutions
Seed problems and think stuff animals
can hug and kiss back,
and diamonds are really a girl’s best friend
I don’t need these types of boys to men.
Case closed.
D'Elegant One
Photo Location: Washington, D.C.


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