PAD Challenge Day 5: IQ (Intelligent Queen)

PAD Challenge Day 5: Write an intelligence poem.

IQ (Intelligent Queen)

I'm a whole black
A talented tenth
F' a three- fifths 
and all other fractions 
that attempt to divide
melanin into a decimal


a new order of operations
shall be televised
I'm stepping out from 
between unequal and less than 
negative signs and 
non-explanatory parentheses
Potentially using my  
black girl magic to be exponential 
while multiplying beside my roots without 
dividing my brothers and sisters
Adding only glory and black excellence 
On top of black legacy without
 adding improper fractions 
Or subtracting black intelligence 
Until all zeroed out


Photo Taken in Washington, DC at
the National Museum of African American History and Culture
circa 2016 


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