PAD Challenge Day 6: Birthday Cake

PAD Challenge Day 6: Pick a food, make it the title of your poem, and write your poem.

Birthday Cake

In my birthday suit,
unbattered and unbought,
God lights my candle of life,
warming me blessings again.

I am thirty-two layers of sweet life,
humming sweet nothings and
happy birthday to my soul
as I caress cocoa butter cream
on my light brown, fluffy hips,
moist my sugarplum lips,
and look back at my
birthday cakes as I wiggle and sing:

Isn’t she lovely?1

Isn’t she wonderful? 2

Isn’t she precious? 3

More than 16,819,200 minutes old
Made in America
Icy ever since 1986
Serving tiers of royal African descent
Decorated with heavenly scents,
ripples of joy and swirls of happiness
topped with love and whips of elegance.

1-3 Wonder, S. (1976).  Isn’t she lovely. Recorded and produced by Stevie Wonder. On the album Songs in the Key of Life. Los Angeles, CA: Tamla Records

Happy Birthday to me! :-)
Cake by @bsweetbybarbara


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