PAD Challenge Day 7: Until We Become Familiar with Love Again

PAD Challenge Day 7: Write a senses poem.

Until We Become Familiar with Love Again

On lonely days like this,
I want to hear you closer
because dialing ten numbers
makes it tough to share the colors
of the day with you.
With you there, me here,
we can’t show and tell 
our true yellow and blue days.
We can only imagine 
the size of the pain 
and the volume of joy.

Can you, meet me halfway
share common sense while we
paint our hearts blissfully red
until our faces and souls are golden?

Can you come closer,
so that I can feed you unconditionally-
Introduce you to the tastings of
healthy loving from my pyramid
of daily spiritual bread,
fruitful pieces of peace,
and delicate servings of trust
saturated in faith and empathy.

Can you come here,
let me warm aloe for
your shattered heart.
Lift a needle onto vinyl records;
loan your heart a new beat
that only we can speak in tongue
and dance our calcium bones to
through hail, sleet, rain, and sun.

Isn’t it common sense that we connect this way?

Carefully come,
let me massage your temples,
prepare your frontal lobe
for a lifetime of beautiful memories,
anoint your forehead with kisses
and whisper vows of truths
in your ear.
I know your soul is living
in a tomb of ashes, for the moment.
But I also know God sent me to
resurrect the flames of your
spirit that is dying
to be reignited again.

Come quick, take my hand,
share a scent with me
whether it's over the delights
of my grandma's recipes
or your cologne and my perfume
practicing poetry,
skin to skin for the first time,
or our sense of self tonguing down
each other’s daydreams and
fantasies into reality.

Can you come?

Come share the outside
of you inside of me until
we become familiar
with love again.



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