PAD Challenge Day 9: When Battling Abnormal Cells

Day 9: Take the phrase “Battle (blank)”, replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new the title of your poem.

When Battling Abnormal Cells

There is pricking
then probing.
It’s even more mysterious
when there is no pain
or other symptoms.
It’s even more petrifying
if you've never been diagnosed.
A malignant test is a
nightmare on Cancer St.
You’ll definitely know
your blood, sweat,
and tears for sure.

It is the worst pill between
the blue and the red one,
for you and your family
to swallow
No matter the stage.
No matter the phase.
You wouldn’t even
wish it on the
lover or the friends you
lost when battling it.

Funny how magnetic
resonance imaging
becomes a new angelic friend,
happy to see you through
and show others the miracle
God has already seen
to help keep
your life from being
destroyed inside-out.



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