Two-for-Tuesday PAD Challenge Day 10: Lyrical Transaction and Tuesday's Morning News


PAD Challenge Day 10: Write a deal poem. And/or Write a no deal poem.

Lyrical Transaction

Allow your heart to
be my college rule.
Let me write
love -n- happiness
between the lines,
over every beat for
a lifetime.

Tuesday’s Morning News (4/10/18) 

I don’t know if Bill Crosby
is a rapist or not.
This uncertainty is bittersweet.
I really don’t know.
I can only imagine if I was a victim
pushed down in distress
Tied like cattle,
Knocked out unconsciously,
Drugged until my eyes
meet the back of my eyelids,
or lay wide-awake,
quiet ask kept,
life tangled and strangled
for the moment and
my legs of freedom are
prisoners to a beast
while my innocent is mutilated,
my womanhood is scorned for life,
and my inner prayers are blaring
"why God?"
as my soul escapes me,
penetration after penetration.
I can only imagine because I don’t know.
But I can tell you what I do know.
Sex slavery is real
Human trafficking is real.
Rape is real.
Every 98 seconds a woman
is sexually assaulted
And 1 out of 6 women have been
an attempt or complete rape case.
Some cases are unsolved.
Some cases are forgotten.
Some females are
blamed for their abuse.
Some are even told
that they asked for it.
How do I know?
Because I know
a grandmother,
I know a mother,
I know a sister,
I know a friend,
I know an aunt,
I know plenty of women
that want to scream “Me too!”
loud and proud;
so, no, $3.4 million
is no deal breaker
for this heinous crime,
especially if you're
claiming "not guilty".

D'Elegant One


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