My Dear Miss Hill Letter

Today, in NYC, the Dear Ms. Hill letters were shared. Fortunately, my letter was one of the ones to be selected to share with the world in celebration of the 20th birthday of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”. It is still one of my favorite top albums to date. I really learned so much from it, even though I didn’t quite understand or experienced what she poetically expressed; still, it inspired me to read, write, and speak carefully. 💗💗💗

Dear Ms. Hill,

The album, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"  remains fundamental to my soul; a true element of what love, power, and pain is. It made me appreciate being black even more. It made me eliminate all labels and stereotypes and search for my own meaning of true self. It helped me create a definition beyond what I was and what I wanted to be and where I'll stand as a woman, a wife and a mother in this world. It was and still is like an "Introduction to Womanhood 101". I remember my mother exposing me to this course of art you created in my youth. I still have my mother's copy of the album today. LOL

It gave me hope. It made me feel fearless. It encouraged me to know God more. It motivated me to be human and to cherish humanity. It was simply an alarm clock to my young soul, waking me up a little early to acknowledge and learn the world for what it really is. Thank you queen. I love you forever.


Danielle C Robinson


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