PAD Challenge Day 10: Solitary Confinement

PAD Challenge Day 10: Write a lone poem

Solitary Confinement

I awake MYSELF for ME
to find solitude in pleasing
me, myself and I. 
A little TLC for a PYT on
a PLB day ain’t so bad.
I’ve learned to simply simplify
my schedule for a Danielle day.
A mental health day.
An “I love you more and ain’t
nobody gonna love you like this” day.

Days like this,
I honor my soul.
Worship my own presence.
I wake up, put my PJs in the dryer
while I bathe in floral scents
then rinse the world off my
skin with black soap then
apply Black Soap Therapy Body Lotion-
Condition my thoughts as
my 4C hair deep condition itself.
I may towel dry or blow dry.
I may rock my curls or straighten it.
Wrap it and walk around in
my Lane Bryant’s
lace, satin or cotton Caciques,
sleep shirt, maxi dress or PJs.
Unplug myself from technology.
Mute everything except the music.
Sing along to my favorite singers
Rap along to my favorite rappers
Dance like nobody is watching,
But I know God and angels are here.

Scramble two eggs.
French some toast.
Slice some fruit.
Sip some hot tea.
Lay across my bed with
my feet dangling
Meditate. Pray.
Read a passage and a scripture.
Cry a little. Thank God a lot.
Arrange metaphors and meters
by similes and onomatopoeias.
Skim musical notes. 
Revamp plans and trips to places.
Abstract colors.
Add a paragraph to memoir.
Add a chapter to dissertation.
Research a list of properties.
Dog ear a recipe from my
Granny Ruby’s cook book
Do anything to not get attached
to the negativity of or
stressed out by this world.
Care for my own feelings and heartbeat.
Nap for two hours.
Wake up again;
breathe in the moment before
I free myself back into the world.


Tea time during D time. :-) 


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