PAD Challenge Day 13: Ocean-view

PAD Challenge Day 13: Write a view poem


Under the sun,
I could close my eyes
and lie here all day in
the depth and width
of your arms.
Play kiss and catch up.
Let your wet, innocent
kisses ripple and wrinkle up
the soles of my feet,
dance along my inner
and outer thighs,
knead and caress my labia   
until the air we breathe,
collaborate to make
raspberry kisses on my stomach;
and the world of my hips and
derriere becomes your earth.
Without a do or dare,
you never stop there.
My waist line is no finish line
It is extra miles that you run
until you souse my lady lumps,
Tickle my neck line,
occasionally kiss my cheeks
 and twirl and interlock
yourself in my coiled roots.
As I gloat and float on top of you
I overlook your troubled
waters and current currents;
Adding bounce to my buoyancy;
Becoming slightly submersible-
an object of affection to you-
Until I realize that this is
just an overview of you.


Ocean-view/Sunset :-)


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