PAD Challenge Day 16: "Catch These Feelings" and "Ricochet "

PAD Challenge Day 16:

2 for Tuesday:
1)Write a catch poem.
2)Write a release poem.

Catch These Feelings

Lately, I’ve been
loving me exclusively
I mean I’ve been lovely
to my mind, body, and soul.
I’ve been walking by mirrors,
giving myself goo-goo eyes
and goosebumps while
blowing forehead kisses.

Falling head over heels
for my own heels;
Adoring my sophistication,
wisdom, intelligence,
natural beauty, witty,
humorous, and free spirit self.
I mean I’ve been really
close to these feelings.
We’ve been holding
on securely
with being secure
for a long time now.
I mean real close
and personal.
All in my feelings
as I catch these feelings.
Aware of my do’s and don’ts,
My yes’s and no’s.

Feeling quite holy
and wholesome more;
Less fragmented;
Less dissatisfied;
No broken vows
or promises;
No lies on top of lies;
No alibis;
No disputable
to face.
No confusions.
No maybes or what ifs;
No validations;
No waiting;
No casual dealings;
No situation-ships;
Nothing phony about it;
Nothing fake either;
Just a serious truce
between my fears
and my faith as
my heart listens
and vibe to a higher
frequency of my
spiritual and physical
intimacy with
sweet love as priority;
Fully full
off self-inspiration,
confirmation and devotion
until I encounter 
another lover
strong enough to 
share these mutual feelings.


never wanted
you to be wrapped
around my finger.

heart wasn’t
stable or vital

your favor,
the polygamy
of its lifeline
had no vacancy
for monogamy.

I let the idea
of your heart go
without taking
liability for
the ricochet.

Los Angeles, CA a.k.a LA Times :-)


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