PAD Challenge Day 18: Little Boys and Girls

PAD Challenge Day 18: Take the phrase “Little (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write your poem.

Little Boys and Girls

All little boys and girls need
is more exposure to the purest hearts;
Shelter from rainy days and window pain;
Full, undivided ears starving
for their little subtle feelings and fears;
A sweet little introduction to
God, prayer, and a dream;
Egos set-aside for their desires and pride;
Whole truths, halves of someone’s
success and a quarter of their endeavors;
Enlightenment about mistakes,
trial and errors;
A little parade of empathy;
Life cycles of respect,
independence and stability;
Sturdier roots to rest their fruits on;
Clearer directions to the route of
high self-esteem, individuality and liberation;
Well defined nouns, adjectives,
and verbs relating to love;
and a little more realistic
HE-roes and SHE-roes
to protect their minds
from manipulation and mental anguish;
their bodies from malnourishment,
exploitation and human trafficking;
their veins from codeine and morphine;
and their spirits from life's nightmares,
demons and villains.
All little boys and girls need
is a little S.O.S from these
sinkholes of times.

Artwork: "We Come to America" by Faith Ringgold
Taken in Houston, TX during opening reception


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