PAD Challenge Day 19: Write the Damn Poem

PAD Challenge Day 19: Write a license poem.

Write the Damn Poem

come on in. 
Have a seat.
I don’t need to 
see your poetry I.D.
You don’t have to register.
I don’t need your social security number
or your phone number either.
There are no vouchers or codes to uphold.
Lit always guarantee peace
to your mind, body, and soul.

Oh no, please,
no proof of attendance, diplomas,
degrees or recommendations.
No special entitlements
or privileges for permission.
No background check,
passport or security clearance
to enter the jurisdictions of stanza.
This is free property
without a sitting fee or a fine.
Believe “In God We Trust-
you’ll be fine.

See, poetry only charge
the soul for the exact change.

Here, take a loose leaf
or composition book.
It doesn’t matter if its
college or wide rule,
blank, stationery,
or a recycle sheet.

Hell, you can use
a napkin or the wall
Or any other writing
platform that you can find.

Here, take a pen too.
Or any type of writing utensil.
Nothing fancy but
it must be smooth,
Oh, it gotta be
extra smooth---
smooth enough and
full of life to color in
the lyrics of life.

Ready or not,
this is your free space.

Relax. Just reeeeelaxxxx.

Let the life around and
within you sink in.
Let it be a movie.
Let it be a soundtrack.

Ready, set, let’s go!

Exercise your mental.
Free those caption
bubbles surrounding your head.
Tap dance your left or right
hand onto the floor of these sheets.
Left to right.
Then, left to right again.
Over and over, and over again.
Scribble here.
Dabble there.
Strike through a word
or a line anywhere.
Line dance again.
Left to right.
Left to right.
No. There is no wrong in this write.
No. No. No. 
Don’t tare that sheet up.
Please, don’t tare the sheet up.
Volunteer them emotions,
with all of your pride and devotion;
Expose them all,
for what they are worth;
Serve your community
healing, truth, and valor;
Paint Kodak moments of your youth;
Testify your testimony;
Lay down your burdens,
worries, and your cares;
Share your fantasies and dreams;
Get loose on these loose leaves;
Make the world see
and feel your vapors;
Lift and lift the
weight of the world
off your shoulders;
Show and tell,
unclutter your heart;
Make your words 
come alive.

this is all 
you must do, 
just to keep poetry alive.


Happy Friday. :-) 4.19.19


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