PAD Challenge Day 2: WWW (for worse) and WWW II (for better)

PAD Challenge Day 2:

2 for Tuesday:

 1)Write a worst case poem.

 2)Write a best case poem.


For worse,
the world wide web
will crucify you
Stone your name
Cut your flesh
Melt your bones to ashes
Misquote you
Extort you
Exploit you
Swindle you
Blindfold you
Hang you dry
Haunt your dreams
LOL @ your goals
Pimp you
Then shame you at the same time
Keep some scheming
Secure judgement without purpose
Honor ignorance over righteous
Slay liberty without justice
Mistake mistakes for life sentences
instead of life lessons
Take real out of reality
Glorify the artificial
Spread rumors, lies, fake news,
unnecessary news, and gossip like wildfires
quicker than the person to the left and right of you
Attempt to hide the truth
while skipping over the lies
lower expectations. standards. integrity.
Extract human out of humanity
Recycle negative energy
as if life depended on it  


For the better,
the world wide web
will have you
liking and loving from afar
socially aware
sharing inspiration & information
sharing a piece of your world in squares
Going live. LOL @ memes
and silly-crazy little things
Becoming one’s #MCM or #WCW
Throwing back on Thursdays
Flashing back on Fridays
It’ll have you streaming
the digital revolution
Sliding in DMs
Being a messenger beyond Messenger
See families expanding and excelling
Introduce you to new friends
Connect you to old ones
Find help. Keep order. Stay organize.
Get ahead
Stay in tune
Create a job
For everything
and everyone to
be paid in full.


Mountain view... :-)


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