PAD Challenge Day 21: Sketched Lovers

PAD Challenge Day 21: Write a sketch poem. 

Sketched Lovers

At the edge of a canary sticky note,
our stick figure bodies ran up a
narrow hill in a define line.
At the end of God's rainbow,
we bird-watched and canoodled
between butterflies, dandelions,
bees and roses.
Under a maple tree,
and a slow setting sun,
we took turns carving
our names along the bark
with an N in the middle,
and a 4 and Ever below.

It only took a ballpoint pen
to chase away our
imaginary clear blue skies.
For seconds,
we locked eyes and
imagined each other’s
cloudy thoughts before
flipping and skipping
into the black sheet above us,
where we met the moon,
claimed the stars with
our index fingers,
shared a kiss with
scribbled hearts with arrows
and stardust swirling around us.


Everyday...challenge yourself and sharpen
your skills for the better.
Danielle C. Robinson


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