PAD Challenge Day 23: " A Free Black Man" and "Finely Confined"

PAD Challenge Day 23:
2 for Tuesday:
1)Write a free poem.
2)Write a not free poem.

A Free Black Man

I love a free black man.
I love a free black man
like the wind.
He ain’t got no fears.
He ain’t got no worries.
No unnecessary strings attached.
No ignorance beating down his back.

I love a free black man with:
a heart that beats for his roots,
lips glued to hymns and optimism,
and spoken words like Proverbs.
He can two-step, lean wit-it, and snap
black boy joy into the souls of blacks.

I love a free black man
that has nothing holding him up
and nothing holding him down.
And every time I come around,
he has on his crown.

Finely Confined

Can we take today off for us?
Task ourselves to each other;
Be whispering jailbirds
and lovebirds;
Be play-dates and play-mates;
I’ll clear out your mind
while you clear out mines.
We’ll bathe our melanin;
Take turns to dry and
butter up each other’s back;
Wrap ourselves in seductive kisses;
Create a warm and hearty
private breakfast in bed;
Tweet our names like love songs;
Hibernate between each other’s legs.
You can even hide out in my bay area,
christen yourself in my holy waters;
Drink and eat as much as you like
Until you make me gasp as I grasp
to reel you in real good while
you suck poetry off my tongue
to the baseline of our hips.
Never-minding the seconds,
the minutes between the
shifts of your mass thunder
that lightens me up and
send turbulent tremblers
throughout my body
every time, every damn
time that you bond
and finely confine in me


After Glow by Alonzo Adams


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