PAD Challenge Day 24: Completely PhinisheD

PAD Challenge Day 24: Take the phrase “Complete (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write your poem.

Completely PhinisheD

First and foremost,
Thank you,
Dr. Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander,
Dr. Ruth Ella Moore, and
Dr. Lucille L. Adams-Campbell,
for completely PhinishDing so that
I could appreciate the start.

The gown, hood, and
tam are pretty.
They are very pretty.
They are majestic.
They are regal.
But, this pretty does not
match up to the beautiful
struggle of this academia

The dissertation pathway
is nowhere soft like the
black velvet gown I’ll wear shortly.

The pleats are perpendicular to
the lines of my series of isolation,
pressure, and frustration 
between creased daily dedication.

The gold bullion tassel,
kinda look like my blood,
sweat, and tears all dried
up, together and forever.

The three strips on my
sleeves perhaps
represent the Trinity that
held my hand as I walk by faith.

Elegantly, I really want
to mix in a stripe of Blue
for the prayers that got me through;
a little White in memory of my
father and his mother,
Red for a little lover's heartbreak,
and a ribbon for the cancer I beat too---
because the gold medallion, stole,
and cords will only speak of high
collegiate honors, and
the black and platinum leadership
medallion, charms, stole, and cords
will only tell you that I chose to not
leave my village behind.

But, the peacock colors are more than fine.
They’ll honestly resemble the passion,
knowledge, power of mind, and self-esteem
that equipped me to get completely
Phinished with what I started.


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